The Unpublished David Ogilvy was edited by Joel Raphaelson, who is also credited as co-author.
In this delightfully illustrated and designed volume, more than 80 selections from David Ogilvy’s private papers give a remarkably candid glimpse of the spirited, sharply ironic – and very wise – private man behind the public image. 13 black-and-white photographs.

“On the occasion of his 75th birthday, Ogilvy’s staff put a book together of all Ogilvy’s best memos and speeches. This is a particularly insightful book, because Ogilvy was maybe one of the most gifted leaders when it came to creating a corporate culture. And as his company grew to over 200 offices, he knew the only way he could protect the culture was by constantly communicating with his people. This book is a collection of that philosophy in action.” – Terry O’Reilly, Pirate Radio & Television Co-Founder

“There are creative people in advertising who think and then create great campaigns. And then there is a rare breed of geniuses for whom creativity is not a professional onus; it’s a way of life. David Ogilvy belongs to this breed. The Unpublished David Ogilvy proves this beyond doubt. Whether it’s a one-liner memo or a long speech, there’s always something immensely revolutionary, and immensely simple, in DO’s writings. Thanks a zillion, Joel.” – Subir Ghosh, Amazon Review

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